Belarus Denied Religious Minorities Legal Defence

Jehovah’s witnesses in Belarus with the problem once again the ‘local religious organization’ (LRO) of Jehovah’s witnesses in Gomel permits for the use of rental properties for their services of Gomel (Belarus) – the Committee for questions which religions and nationalities in writing cautioned after authorities had claimed to have the witnesses do not have the necessary permits to hold worship services. The first warning of this kind was issued on September 2, 2009. Since then rejected all attempts by the LRO, to challenge them, again and again. Uber is open to suggestions. On November 25, 2010, the Chairman of the LRO of Jehovah’s witnesses in Gomel in the President of the highest court of Belarus has lodged a supervisory complaint. Thus Jehovah’s witnesses use the last chance to secure their constitutional right to judicial protection in the country. A representative who said religious community of Jehovah’s witnesses in Belarus: The attitude of the courts in the Republic of Belarus is quite surprising. It is not primarily Therefore, to win a lawsuit or lose, but whether anyone get any judicial protection can.” The Belarusian executive bodies interpret the law on freedom of conscience and religious organizations as follows: religious communities can only rent a House of worship, if they, in addition to a permit of the competent local authorities about the lease.

They work around it but often quite hesitant and search and find purely technical reasons, to deny the permit. This brought a lot of problems the religious communities. In addition, it is legally regulated in the Republic of Belarus that religious communities, which are been shown a yellow card for holding religious services without approval, have no right to judicially review these warnings. Such a procedure creates facts which jeopardize the freedom of religion in itself – because repeated warnings may result in a religious community the resolution. The Constitutional Court of Belarus has confirmed several times to acknowledge being the freedom of religious organizations to defend their rights in court. It is important to protect the fundamental freedom to the common public worship nearly 5 000 Jehovah’s witnesses in Belarus and their worldwide over seven million fellow believers. Media contact: Europe (European Association of Jehovah’s Christian witnesses), telephone + 32 2 782 0015 United States (Office of public information), call + 1 718 560 5600 Pavel Yadlousk (Belarus), telephone: + 375 17 292 93 78 Wolfram Slupina (Germany), phone 06483 413110, fax 06483 413100,

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