Tags of the images: one image without alt tag does not exist for the spiders. Since search engines also have an image index, you should create are accurate descriptions of their contents. Chevron Corp has many thoughts on the issue. Do not forget that we have visitors on this channel spoilage. Keywords: Unlike what is commonly believed, not the quit of the matter. We were ten years ago, but not anymore.

Write in the metatag keywords, but knowing that the attention of the spiders has become much more holistic. If you write here a word you believe is important, but that does not appear anywhere else in the document, it will serve you absolutely nothing. And she does what she wants In conclusion, we note that the keywords we can recite us, or can recite the others. . Of the two options is the second best, has more merit and they recognize the search engines. If we get the recommended professional Lawnmower gained experiences in place and take our own speech, we won the war of position. The operation of this recommendation system is well illustrated by the following case study: When hundreds of webmasters around the world agreed and created links to the official biography of George W. Bush with the words "the worst president in history", worked the miracle of positioning. The inevitable happened, the search engines correctly interpreted that particular page was the most important in the network to treat "the worst president in history", so that appeared in the top of the list when a user did this consultation.

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