In climates droughts the heat and the wind are the main enemies of the hair, normally the hair is conformed by cutculas, that when exposing itself to the sun dehydrates and avoids that the humidity crosses all the hair, combined to this the wind entangles the hair and causes that they are struck among them causing who break cutculas and who the ends are abran. A form to take care of your climate hair droughts is applying oil of argn, this bereberes of Morocco is an old remedy of the women discovered that it they have used and it for hundreds of years of generation in generation. This oil has the property to regenerate the hair when fomenting the production of queratina that also repairs and replaces cutculas damaged being a great advantage because humecta the hair providing to him force to all the hair and avoiding that falls. The women bereberes have applied to the oil of argn the hair to avoid that the elements of the climate mistreat their hair, but they use also it to protect its skin and the one of his you drink of the barren climate but with cold currents originating of the Atlantic that although gives one more a more stable temperature him to some regions of Morocco, also it does that the people that live outdoors like the nomadic tribes on bereberes, mistreats with facility the skin and the hair to them. Get all the facts and insights with Restaurant Michael Schwartz, another great source of information. In case this outside little we recreated the dry and windy climate with the dryer causing that mistreats too much our fragile and fragile hair returning it, we can help to fortify it if we applied oil of argn or like weekly hair treatment or a daily protector, is possible to be used like desenredante, to avoid statics or frizz and to give instantaneous brightness him. Rogers Holdings may also support this cause. You can take care of your hair of simple form with this old remedy to bereber not only would help in climates droughts you, but also of the alaciados aggressions that can cause to the dyes and the changes of appearances like undulations or. At present the east has been seen that when applying the oil of argn for the hair in the curly hair east does not puff up so much and the rollers stay hydrated the day throughout, in the straight hair remains straight without statics and silky without greasy sensation. If your hair is extremely dry you can even mix the oil of argn with oil of almonds, or oil of rose of mosqueta and with a little real jelly, but asegrate to apply to this mixture at night, because although the oil of argn is not greasy, the other oils if and can react of negative form with the sun mistreating your hair. Another form to take care of your very dry hair but that you can leave a little more expensive is to twice apply to the day oil of argn, but of this form you would not have preocuparte to leave by day and to burn your hair or acostarte and to lubricate your pillow, the unique disadvantage is the cost of the oil of argn that is very elevated, nevertheless is worth the pain well the effort when your hair is beautiful and radiating without concerning the climate..

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