As To Reduce To The Consumption De Sal And Prevenir The Hypertension

The sodium consumption (table common salt) is a factor that passes " inadvertido" but with serious consequences for your health So that your diet is healthful, balanced and it comes up to you with problems like the hypertension, you must reduce the consumption of sodium, that is to say the common salt. Some advice to reduce the salt consumption: To cook with little salt " truco" very effective to reduce the sodium consumption and to prevent the arterial hypertension: preferable to add salt after cooking and not for example in the water, where the foods are cooking, since when placing the salt in the water (in the pot) we do not occur to account of the amount seems that it does not contain salt but in fact we are adding MUCH more salt of the necessary one. To drink water mineralized low in sodium. To consume abundant fiber foods. To lower the fat consumption, mainly the saturated fats? To consume foods with contribution of protective nutrients like antioxidants and folic acid. The previous advice you can fulfill them if you consider to take a sensible diet, with one healthful feeding: That there are fresh abundance of vegetables and fruits, by far green so that abounds folic acid, with variety of colors in fruits and vegetables, and different textures in foods, for asegurarte to incorporate to your diet, fibers, potassium, so good for the heart, and the antioxidants that fight the free radicals. Consumption of whole or integral cereals (rice, wheat, maize), vegetables (lentils, porotos, chick-peas), and tubercles (sweet potato, Pope and choclo), since they have good energy and low level of sodium. To choose the marine salt, that is much more healthy? Consumption of thin meats, and in moderate amounts Tener taken care of with the clear ones of egg, that they contain sodium enough.

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