As you know, business activity always involves risk. This fact is mentioned specifically, even in the Civil Code. Some circumstances – natural and social disasters, unfortunately, is stronger than any businessman. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Angus King on most websites. On the other – shocks large-scale commercial and financial market such as defaults and the embargo – the toughest cope who are weaker – alas, no. The most common risk is can be considered a breach of contract contractors and, to put it mildly, incorrect actions of fiscal and regulatory authorities. With these risks, in principle, able to fight each, even with a law firm. However, many entrepreneurs are still consider a lawsuit a waste of time, believing in some cases, the debtor still does not pay, others – that with the state to sue useless, and the court did not win, and spiteful tax inspector nurse a grievance.

C poor debtor to sue really problematic: a court can win, but that charge? With a strong desire can bring the case to the bankruptcy of the counterparty and to foreclose on the property if it is, of course, the debtor there. But more on that another time. On the more 'decent' non-payers can and should sue. As with the tax authorities or the customs authorities. The solution of the Inspector of the examination of the collection of taxes and other obligatory Payment is not a sentence is not appealable. Practice shows that the majority of cases, organizations lost the fiscal authorities, not playing because of these same authorities are right, and the organization – no, but because of banal unprepared last to defend their rights. And the main error committed at the time of filing a claim in arbitration. The main thing to remember: economic disputes are arbitration Court, the lawsuit filed in the court where the defendant (the place of its registration), the statute of limitations – three years.

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