Your life will be wonderful as it does the things that give you happiness, that is the most wonderful way to discover himself, thus it establishes Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals, when you are on the right track each defeat will serve to encourage more and more, inside you there is a big driving force behind it. In the book the secret of the power of goals is teaches us methodically how discover our most intimate desires and turn these ideas into powerful goals materialize quickly, then you will be in internal balance, but remember that if you aren’t balancing the universe if it is not, because its unbalance is justified with another unbalanced perception. Learn more at: Michael Mendes. Why you must be clear that his mission is not to balance the universe from their perception, that’s impossible, why not focus on seeing other people’s lives and begin to question why you do that?, are they crazy?, what’s ridiculous? Etc. Achieved with that is worn to itself, remember that you can help others if and when they want it, otherwise let them follow their own power. His greatest interest should be you be in inner harmony, to feel a life full of achievements and satisfactions, to that extent you improvement and brings to the universe, avoid at all costs the ideas change people, you might bring something to help those who want to change, but finally that change will come from themselves, look for with all his strength what are your wishes, its ideals, chase them, this world is wonderful for those who know to make it and you are one of those people, learn powerful techniques to change your life by visiting: original author and source of the article