And this is then very quickly as ruling, alone determined as productive vs entpuppt and eventually chosen as dictatorial bully to recognize what certainly finds its logical reasoning, because he is ursprunglich not designed is so equipped, run these higher service. If our awareness, we actually identify with, is to our minds a position basically overwhelmed him, we need not to be surprised that this is a painful end. Have we once position elected him in this power, it goes without saying that his very ability of serving to the tyranny of perverted, and if we want to do about it, we need him again just unzip the Office – lift. We are so ready to requisition our minds again in its intended role, it can be very nutzLich to us for awareness. This service is in the broadest sense, that we by means of our minds the potential check the entered information in a logical and analytical manner and this result of our related services personal expert efforts or simply if we deem this important, can pull to rate. Our mind is just one of many advisory votes, which are our conscious observers to the page, so is our Bewusstheit to the enlightenment. He is just not about the ultimate truth, which we have to comply with.

In this respect, our mind can be very productive, and in the same way I would ask him in relation to the suffering-making, always repetitive behavior patterns to his essential work. It is important that we consider so with a certain neutral and cool aloofness of mind, our life with an appropriate distance. And no too very emotionally involved to be, just as theoretically seven observers, as viewers in our mind’s eye reVue it happen. And Here the focus of our minds especially to focus that we discover existing patterns, similar structures or perhaps whatever same orders, which indicated a certain classification. So to try to find a possible systematischen construction in the history of our life with a calm and serene form of scanning.