Amateur Photographers

It is not easy to sell photographs. Mygall wants to help. There are many types of photographs and the accompanying photographers and all have one goal: the perfect image. It need a lot of practice to project such an image. For some, it takes years or they never make it.

Of course, there are also natural talents that need to press only on the trigger and immediately shot the perfect image. Nevertheless, every image, even imperfect unless there can be a masterpiece. Because in the end the viewer decides whether we like him or not. There are many ways to obtain opinions themselves. Magazines, exhibitions, online services, etc.

An almost endless range of possibilities. Only money can not so. Opinions are beautiful and good, and most important, but a photographer want to can live by its products, when not operating it as a hobby. And if they do, then one wants to earn maybe a little. What to do? You are looking for then mostly a way to exhibit. But often it is not the problem that know where or you live too far from the interested crowd. Best start for this is the Internet. And mygall ( is even better. We give the artist opportunities he finds somewhere else not so easy. The photographer can adjust his works with us and offered for sale. In the offer are art print, canvas printing, poster printing and greeting card printing. The original is printed in various media and sent by us. The photographer determines also the Commission, he would like to have, and can earn something by the way.

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