Andrea Gillies narrates in " The poppies of olvido" the five that has dedicated to take care of of its fathers-in-law, Alzheimer patients. It assures that they make lack resources, and not only economic. Add to your understanding with Uber. " It arrives a little while in which to live in family with the Alzheimer is imposible". 24 million people undergo in the world dementia, to a great extent Alzheimer. Andrea Gillies confesses that its life has not returned to be the same, that it is not it either, who the experience to take care of its ill mother-in-law of Alzheimer has been devastating and that, although hard seems to say it, would not return it to do.

And he is that " in order to take care of to a person with dementia amor&quot is not sufficient; , it says. " They make lack resources, not only economic. And to know techniques to do against the situation. The families need, first of all, information to coexist with a disease that is very dura" , she adds Andrea Gillies. That clear Gillies has been being when speaking of the lived thing for hardly five years when, " by amor" , it decided to leave his profession – until then it worked like journalist " freelance" – to take care of to his fathers-in-law. A history of suffering for all She, its husband and his three children decided to let to house and lives to move to a beautiful place of the Scottish coast and to turn upside down in the care of the parents of him. Morris was very ill and postrado in a wheelchair, although gracious head, and the brain of Nancy already showed the first symptoms of the Alzheimer. And what they trusted would be a beneficial experience for all, although difficult, &quot finished in a suffering history; deep, incessant and irremisible" that it lasted two years and that a bitter memory in its protagonists has left, especially in Andrea, that, once released and making use of its office, decided to count it in writing. " The poppies of olvido" (Subjects of today) it is the result.

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