Alternatives In Economy

In the present frame, characterized by the predominance of the neoliberal and hegemonic globalisation, the ideological resistance from the towns to the dominant neopreservative thought is been urgent of the contributions of excellent thinkers who have interpreted social the historical reality from a liberating, compatible perspective with the most progressive and defending positions of the interests of the towns of the Third World call. In this fight of ideas, the study, assimilation and reinterpretacin of the ideological conceptions political of the Apostle of the Independence of Cuba, Jose Mart Perez, acquire an increasing interest and much use, as much at national level as international.partial unloadings In this sense and from the necessity to solve the pedagogical problem of how to integrate the economic thought of Jose Mart in the formation of the students of the tie races with the management and remembering that, in the context in which the world-wide economy is developed, is necessary a vision that it opposes to the interests and dominant economic prescriptions. To the aim of accounts which is needed it is a type of planteo that reclaims the trajectories and experiences of those who were marginalized of esuqema of production from the application of tie prescriptions economic to wear away to the states nation and their productive apparatus.. . Under most conditions Ben Kunz would agree.

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