Alternative Energy Production

Alternative energy sources are already used extensively in developed countries. This is the energy of the sun and ocean tides. This is the energy of helium, hydrogen and other gases. We consider the use as a source Energy alcohol, crop residues, human activity. Among the alternative sources is currently the most important was the use of biofuels for heat and electrical energy. Material for its production are biological sources and, basically, a waste lesorazrabotok and woodworking industry.

Among the most popular types of alternative energy – wind, solar, tidal, geothermal – biofuel occupies an important place: its share in the balance of alternative sources of more than 30%. Briquettes – a type of biofuel for solid fuel boilers, which is made from renewable natural resources. Represent a product of milling, drying and baling of waste agriculture, timber and peat. Pellets, pellets – biofuel produced from sawdust, peat, wood waste and agricultural waste. Details can be found by clicking Jen Skyler or emailing the administrator. Is a cylindrical pellets.

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