However, as the practical one demonstrated the great majority of these new regular companies did not obtain to evolve to become average companies or, or , whose main expectation the respect was the increase of the competitiveness directed to the establishment of new routes and reduction in price of tariffs. THE AIRPORTS Palhares says (2002, p 165) that the airports, as transport terminals, have important function in attraction terms and generation of tourist. With infrastructure (tracks, terminals, accesses etc) adequate, the same ones can represent the beginning or ending of a successful trip .As not only terminal of transport, the aeroporturio complex each time more becomes attractive polar region and of generation of jobs and businesses, what positively it contributes for the intended flow of box, but generates proportional infrastructure demands.In the same workmanship (2002, p 167), Palhares, regarding the regional airports, affirms: Moreover, airports of small average transport, with influence> regional, they can also effect a work of marketing with the local travel agencies in the direction to attract the inhabitants of these regions to fly from them, instead of if dislocating them great airports or to attract the passenger whose final destination is the next region to this airport, but that it could be opting to making the passage between the main airport (hub) and its final destination for another way of transport that not aerial it. For such, she is necessary that the airport not only has partnerships with the local administration, but also with the proper agents of trips of the region. The localization of an airport or even though its expansion requires criteria that, in the vision of Horonjeff (1996, p 141) are: Meteorological occupation of neighboring areas, conditions, accessibility, possibility of magnifying, proximity of other airports, obstacles in the neighborhoods, economy of construction, availability of services of public utility the volume of passengers will be able to become so considerable that comes to justify ways special of transports for the airport. .

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