We are beings of Yellow Chama. We are beings that if destine TO KNOW. You already noticed that only with regard to the men she consists of the traditions to have been bred ' ' to the image and similarity of Deus' '? Already he perceived that always he always and has references to a feeling of ' ' cime' ' of the Angels in relation to the men? Already was given account of that the parabola of the prodigal son demonstrates well as the father has mercy addition and affection stops with the rebellious son, who since early manifest a indmita force to make to be valid its proper desire? It still imagines three children small. One is fully obedient and makes everything what the father orders. Another one, is fully obedient and takes care of of the things with desvelado affection and love, devoted to donate itself since soon so that the father is proud and happy. The third child demonstrates early since an immense and atavic curiosity concerning everything, searching, touching, trying, without no concern with what the father is to say to it. To deepen your understanding New York Yankees is the source. Easy to understand that the divine flashes that compose the humanity are as the curious child, who badly fits in itself for the impetus of being, to know, to make, to see, to feel, at last, to know. Which of the children demands more attention of the father? Which of them needs the presence and corrigendas more than in order to remain itself in safe growth? Which of them is, at the same time, rebellious and more vulnerable, fragile, unsafe? This exactly The human beings are infantile and rebellious flashes that desesperadamente search its proper identity, individuality, conscience, will and accomplishment. They are divine flashes that never are satisfied and that, while infantile, they commit all luck of cruelties, fincadas in the egoistic lode that denotes the being whose cosmic destination is to grow in the knowledge of everything.