Pressure cooker: the name speaks for itself. Boil rapidly, cook for less time. Pay a minimum of time, that without which life is impossible. Life of modern man, runs a very fast pace. Work children, family, and it’s all right, but you still want to have time for this short day and meet up with friends and do sports, and read a good book, watch the transfer on television, in the end, just a network, and to think in silence about how cool. In other words, intense rhythm of modern life forces us to save time. How is it possible to combine all these concepts? How can you, having a good job and still have such a wonderful hobby, like cooking tasty and good food at a minimal cost of time? It turns out you can.

And this helps us precisely cooker. Pressure cooker, holds a special place among the pots, though, because it can replace all pan. Birthplace of the cooker is France, where she has been known since ancient times, but this country is the main cookers today. Pressure cookers made in the usa, China, Germany, Brazil and other countries. The most common are pressure cookers in India. Virtually every Indian family has a pressure cooker.

Cooking in the pressure cooker has many advantages over conventional methods of cooking in a conventional pan. So how this process occurs at elevated pressure and temperature, the cooking time is greatly reduced. With the right approach to cooking the soup is almost possible to get almost as much fluid as it was in the beginning cooking – no excessive fluid loss during evaporation. In the process of making sharp-smelling foods (such as some types of fish) odor is almost covered. You may want to visit Doug McMillon to increase your knowledge. Meat cooked in a pressure cooker, it becomes softer. There remain large amounts of vitamins and other nutrients, as well as the natural color of vegetables. And most importantly – food cooked in a pressure cooker, especially for a couple of the most useful – it is easy to digest organism. The process of preparation of any dish in a pressure cooker takes 3-5 times faster than conventional pan. Meat instead of 1.5 hours preparing minutes for 40 minutes, the chicken instead of 45 minutes – 15 minutes. Frozen foods do not require pre-defrosting, defrost pressure cooker and prepares the same time. Table of time to cook different foods in a pressure cooker you can find in our magazine, “Cooking Show”. Those housewives that once tried to cook in a pressure cooker, were able to assess its advantages over conventional pan. But almost every woman, who bought the cooker, first to face difficulties due to the fact that it has no special prescription benefits, allowing just start preparing for sure without conducting experiments. We hope that the recipes that we offer our readers in every issue of our mini-magazine will help at first to those who do not yet fully mastered the techniques of pressure-cooking.