Just imagine – the world's total circulation of all the corporate media in the early 2000s, surpassed the circulation of conventional media, and their market in recent years is estimated by experts at $ 4.5 billion! According to recent reports, is now about 80% of all European companies produce at least one newspaper, and in Japan, for example, their own publications not only in 5% of the enterprises. At the same time some of the most successful companies are not limited to the release of a publication. And rightly so. For example, large European banks are often in arsenal of several different magazines, aimed at specific audiences – customers, VIP-customers, partners, employees, etc. Senator from Maine has much experience in this field. Every edition – its own, unique vision and goals.

Following the Western counterparts, Russian companies have quickly realized the benefit of the corporate media. Modern Russian corporate edition has long ceased to be boring-plant newspaper, which is read in anticipation of admission to the study chief. Of course, some from the existing corporate publications still have a view of the former wall newspapers, almost without changing internal content and appearance. However, the vast majority – it is quite modern-minded magazines, and newspapers can compete with their Western counterparts in a competent content and circulation. By the way, an absolute record for the number of copies is still a corporate edition newspaper "The World Beeline", defunct in 2005 – as many as 3 million copies! Corporate media: B2B B2C or? Currently, the corporate media to divide into several types: b2b (business-to-business) – corporate publications, oriented partners; b2c (business-to-client) – publication for clients who, as is the case with the newspaper "Beeline", have the highest circulation, and b2p (business-to-personnel) – the publication for its employees.