is online a month. Cologne, June 10, 2010: is online a month. The result is not bad for a start-up. On the contrary. Nearly 10,000 page impressions. Visitor/visitors from 20 countries.

40% of hits come across referring sites and search engines, which means the linking can be seen. The Google News, career women stood several times on the first places. The article by far most widely read was titled “Women and general equal treatment Act” under the heading “Competence”. Visits from Australia, Mexico and United States visitor/visitors from 20 countries visited in the first month since online Of course, most came from Germany. But also Switzerland and Austria are interested in increasing the knowledge portal.

Overall, the German-speaking countries make up 95 percent of the requests. The remaining visits are widely dispersed. Is Australia, Mexico and the United States. Great Britain even with double digit visitor numbers. Requests from 17 euro countries were in the first month registered. The contacts are not good, by appeared alone but by targeting international business women networks and of course word of mouth. The contacts abroad should also continue to actively maintained. English as a second language, one is our medium-term objectives. General terms and conditions, privacy policy and the ‘about us’ page are already available in german and English. Prima premium members have passed their dare of par Exzellance the first premium members. About the editorial staff is pleased especially, because there were apparently no problems during the creation of own contributions. This means that the operation of the professional content management system is easy and self explanatory. Career women was founded in late 2009 in motion e.V.. The Association is the owner of the knowledge and information portal. The portal is the first platform, committed to the goal, holistic, current and sophisticated to communicate the theme of women in leadership positions. The portal is aimed at women with career ambitions and all, more female executives ask, find and promote.