Virtual Office

Your virtual office you already rentaste but don’t know where to put it? For those entrepreneurs that they like to work from home and do not want to change the decor to establish his Office, here we have a singular proposal that will allow you to have all the elements of an Office installed without leaving home. This sympathetic idea is to offer the possibility of installing your virtual office in a cupboard in the wall. Does it sound complicated? In any way! It is a fairly simple task that you can perform yourself and so will an excellent environment to develop your daily tasks. Step 1. Empty the Cabinet. It must be vacated closet to clean each of its corners. Subsequently must be painted with a color suitable for your work, i.e., that does not generate you higher distraction and that is warm. This way you can develop your activities and provide the necessary rest to your view as well as your mood.

Step 2. Get more background information with materials from Dara Khosrowshahi . Places a table. You have to send elaborate this table to a carpentry and put great care in the size, since the cabinet door must close once culmines your working day. Step 3. Install an electrical connection inside the Cabinet. Such connection must have enough outlets for appliances can connect in them, e.g. lamps, computers, sound systems, etc.

Step 4. Space for your Internet connection. This is a basic and indispensable for the virtual office element. In terms of decoration and colors to use, leave it at your discretion. With information: decorailumina.

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