‘You are the future’ shows prospects after graduation on the 28th (9 am-4 pm), and students in the Stadthalle in Unna the way inside to breathe in about 70 occupations have 29 may (10 – 15). Concrete tips give companies and educational institutions young people under the slogan, you are the future”. The trade fair for education and career is organized by the IG metal Unna. “But we are of course not only jobs in the metal industry,” emphasizes Thomas Reitz, Secretary of the IG metal Unna. We want to give a broad overview of their opportunities after graduation. the young people” Over 60 different stands students can check the content of training, employment opportunities, selection procedures and perspectives. Physiotherapist, restaurant specialist /-woman, technician or banker /-woman, engineer, chef, rescue Assistant or landscape gardener here can interested about some 70 different professions learn and ask for.

Universities, vocational colleges, academies and private educational institutions provide insights into qualification opportunities. The personal exchanges is the focus. Many companies bring their trainees to share experiences to the students from their perspective. Representatives of the participating companies, as well as the employment agency of Hamm workshops around the career of the right application to the probationary period and the advice on the successful job interview offer in several rooms. Two years ago, the IG metal called the fair in life. Some students then grabbed the opportunity directly and submitted your application documents at the level of the participating training establishments. We know that some of the students who have applied within the framework of the fair, were invited to interviews”, project co-ordinator Ute Driesen welcomes the sustainable success of the event.

Companies and visitors alike benefit from the idea: we get during the fair “personal contact with potential trainees, which can in turn also better inform yourself about our company and the offered apprenticeships”, says Hermann Rosenbaum, Regional Director of SIGNAL IDUNA IKK, which itself already for the umpteenth time when you are the future “presents. A special campaign this year is the cooperation with the comprehensive school in Konigsborn: student created portraits of her classmates with quotations about their professional future in advance. These are called posters at the show hung as advertisements for the youth and the future.