Venezuelan Government

The man is free when neither he fears nor he waits for nothing. L.A.Petiet Majorities and always reaches the time will be there, which they change are the actors who happen in him according to the allocation that has occurred each and therefore, must be known how to be useful based on leaving it works that favor to all and that they last. The present Venezuelan Government under the direction of the lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, knows of this reality and must take the opportunity that the Venezuelans have given him for encausar to the country by that footpath in which there is lost per years, more in a country than he has everything to be a great power, favored by the Hacedor that has offered him immense to wealth that of adminstrasele correctly he would provide to the Venezuelans a quality to him of right life. He is already enough that Venezuela in the heat of 21st century follows hypnotized by the demagoguery that many parties have used and that has not collaborated in favor of its takeoff. You may want to visit Vanguard to increase your knowledge. The old traditional parties of Democratic Action and COPEI, per years announced promises that would do of country a power according to its wealth and the suitable use of the human talent, the intellectual capital that it owns. Nevertheless, that never was obtained, 50 years were lost and passage occurred a new one socialist leadership through the initiative of its present president Hugo Chavez, who has seted out to remake to the country, to take step through its programs, strategies, actions to him that favor change that is required to entail it to participate suitably in the world-wide reality and to favor the quality of life that all Venezuelan demand and has right. Enterprise sector and universities cannot be denied that in spite of the political turbulence that has affected the economic thing generated by the management of the new government, it has taken step to a new opening of abierta foreign trade more, where abren the possibilities that the companies penetrate in new markets with its products and not to depend exclusively on petroleum. .

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