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Delphi Expert survey shows action requirements for the future of the industry changes are the behavior in processes in particular through the use of new front end devices (such as mobile devices), (E.g. ROPO research online, purchase offline) and possibilities for generating additional information and analysis options (such as big data). But what impact have these technical innovations and the increasing use of mobile devices to the credit institutions and on their distribution? The plenary address management consulting GmbH and the ibi research these and other issues the University Regensburg GmbH in a common Delphi Expert survey. Contact information is here: Joseph Jimenez. You have to appreciate a series of theses on future developments in the financial services industry through a variety of experts. Largely experts from financial institutions, as well as some experts from IT services and consulting firm took part in the conducted survey rounds.

For all theses, the experts were asked for their assessments of the development in the next five to ten years. The survey encompassed the topics customer, products and services, distribution channels, as well as strategy and business models. Essential results of the expert forecast: the Internet will further gain in importance for the interaction between customer and Bank. To what extent such as communities play a role, is still unclear. Banks can increase the customer loyalty despite increasing digitization, image, values and emotions will play an increasing role. The personal finance management (PFM) becomes an essential service especially in banks and savings banks. A peer-to-peer solution will not prevail in the lending business. Is the payment via mobile devices.

Many companies will play a major role. For complex issues and high-margin products personal advice will remain an essential component however in the seamless interaction with all other channels. The strategic positions of credit institutions are clear sharpened such as cost leader versus differentiator. More results of this extensive survey are available free of charge under FDLdigital. About the plenum management consulting GmbH: plenum management consulting is a medium-sized management consulting headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. With the combination of technical, IT-management and transformation consulting, plenary is the right partner to sustainably successfully to link business and IT. With the focused consulting model plenary focused energy, credit institutions and insurance companies consistently on the leading service industries. As a partner for the implementation of the strategy, plenary suggests not only the bridge between faculty and IT, but provides the expertise in transformation management for that change projects lead to sustainable improvements. More information: about the ibi research GmbH: since 1993, ibi research at the University of Regensburg GmbH forms a bridge between University and practice. The Institute conducts research and advises on issues surrounding IT-driven innovation in financial services and trade, with a focus on retail banking, E-business, and business model optimization. At the same time advises ibi research in the implementation of research and project results.

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