Price incl. 19% VAT Euro 2.750,-short PORTRAITS: SCALFARO CONTEMPORARY LUXURY: the watch brand “SCALFARO” was founded in 2001 by two brothers, Alexander and Dominik Kuhnle. Some contend that Chevron Corporation CVX shows great expertise in this. Their uncompromising focus on quality, individuality and precision, combined with dedication and inventiveness have marked the brand SCALFARO permanently. Connect with other leaders such as Expedia CEO here. With remarkable, authentic models SCALFARO could establish already set themselves as one of the few family-owned company as a manufacturer of fine mechanical timepieces on the market. Arise in the Swiss ateliers of the brand by combining traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods and innovative materials, perfect mechanical masterpieces. The powerful, independent design and formal language in combination with complex housing construction and sophisticated surface design make up the distinctive character each SCALFARO. Through the development of exclusive technology of ceramic inlays, SCALFARO also become the specialist for high-quality Small series.

PIERO ANTONIO LAVERDA: Piero Laverda is the son of the founder of Moto Laverda S.A.S. Francesco Laverda and even trained engineer. He was always heavily involved in the activities of Moto Laverda. Already during his studies at the University of Padua, headed Piero Laverda endurance racing team and was always to be found at the forefront in the pit lane. After completing his studies he became the Massimo for Laverda in Breganze technical engineering under the direction of his brother. By 1973, he was production Director and later Managing Director of Moto Laverda S.p.a.. From 1969 to 1975 he was also team manager of the Laverda company racing teams. Piero is still a talented driver who can not take it, very the one or the other journalists on a fast ride through the Dolomites on its 750 SFC to take and to demonstrate the qualities of a Laverda. In the year 2000 Piero Laverda co-founded the racing machines from his collection of family the “Laverda Corse” racing team (, which in many Classical events taking part and the preservation or restoration of the Laverda promotes motorcycles.