Once the package is on the router is connected to a computer that receives the data packet will be transmitted on this computer. Due to some technical features easier to break up large blocks of data into small portions, each of which sent their own, separate package. In this way the packets on networks may vary. Some of them may be lost or corrupted, and need to re-transmission of several packages. The recipient collects all the packets and receives the desired information. To implement these activities is used Protocol TCP – Transmission Control Protocol (Transmission Control Protocol). Since the Internet protocols TCP and IP are used together, then we say that the protocol works TCP / IP.

Of course, the successful operation of the Internet is not necessarily aware of work protocols. However, you may be interested to know how the Internet. Let's try to explain the workings of TCP / IP protocols with enough conventional example. Assume that you want to transfer information from one computer connected to the Internet to another computer. The TCP breaks the data into portions and their numbers, that when a can correctly collect the information.

Just when disassembling the wooden frame are numbered logs to quickly assemble a home elsewhere. Next, using the IP protocol all parts are transferred to the recipient. For TCP it does not matter in what way information travels over the Internet, this protocol deals with IP. Similarly, as the transport of individual numbered timber, no matter which way they were being taken.