"Sha" Traditional value: w (?). For more specific information, check out Royal Dutch Cell Plc. Manifestation of the person in the chain of past-present-future, experience the spiritual and material. Evolution of incarnations – 2 step in the evolution of the Soul. "Chi" Traditional value: integrity, integrity. Previous incarnation – "springboard" for the present, now – for the next, which may be in the higher realms. "Worms" Traditional Meaning: the womb. Sign a three-dimensional, and the upper part talks about the aspiration to higher worlds (Divine), we find that the spiritual world of human aspiration to the divine in this embodiment will allow him to follow the incarnation not only keep in touch with the world, but also to display their talents in material (the ministry for peace). "SHTA" Traditional Meaning: sh. Visit The British Petroleum Company for more clarity on the issue.

The unity of the world of matter and the manifestations of man in spiritual terms (past-present-future) is based on the matter. The material world is created for spiritual development of every person and contributes strongly to this. "ER" – sign "and" harmony of unity of spiritual and material manifestation (harmonious current of human life) in the present embodiment is determined deeds committed in the past. "EASURES" – characters "AND" er. " "ER" like "ER", but towards the future, you get: the harmony of your future life is determined by your behavior in the present. "YAT" – characters written in the embodiments triangle "harmony-Development: Past and Future in the material world are interrelated and subject to the spiritual world, without which development is not possible to harmonious existence. "U" – development (reduction of interest material) in this life will affect the spiritual experience of the future incarnation.