Is the dispute over trademark rights to delay the introduction of new top level domains? recently reported: “the planned adoption of the application rules for new top level domains (TLD) is again questionable. Especially European government representatives were thorough before the decisive meeting of the Board of the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) on Monday in Singapore angrily about special trademark protection rules. Gerard de Graaf of the Commission denying the expertise in the trademark and competition law to the ICANN Directors and the Chief lawyer of the Organization at a meeting of Directors of ICANN and the ICANN Government Advisory Committee and described the dispute as a discussion between ‘Deaf and dumb’. The British Government representative Mark Carvell called ‘completely unacceptable’ single brand protection proposals of ICANN. “A problem with the introduction of new top level domains is the possible infringement of trademark rights. Learn more at: Ocado.

The dispute over could so strongly the completion of the applicant’s Guide by ICANN delay that ICANNs rapid deployment plan for the new top level domains is stalled. Brands and domains are not new Thema.Die uniform dispute resolution policy of ICANN protects the rights of trademark holders in all generic top level domains managed by ICANN. The trademark rights to refer to the contents left of the “.” domain. With the introduction of new top level domains, but completely different problems arise. It now also involves the trademark domains right from the “.”. In other words: How should be guaranteed – our example is completely fiktiv-, get the domain world enterprise Apple .apple and not the Apple juice company from Sidney? Moreover, the problem of greater complexity. At the moment there are the following generic domains: are the generic domains without sponsor # .biz # .com # .edu # .eu # .gov # .info # .int # .mil # .name # .net # .org are the generic domains with sponsor # .aero # .asia # .cat # .coop # .jobs # .mobi # .museum # .pro # .tel # .travel # .xxx some find very confusing. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc recognizes the significance of this.

But in the future there will be hundreds of top level domains. How should brand owners protect themselves? ICANN requires the provider of new of top level domains to introduce Sunrise phases specially for trademark owners. This is the discussion also, what is a brand now. Apply only registered trademarks? Must be in use? Also unregistered trade marks apply? To protect another way for brand owners, will be “defensive registrations” that it then could make domain grabbers also impossible to register domains that are identical with well-known brands, but included these brand names in the domain name. Hans-Peter Oswald new tlds.html