Tips For Storing

Tips to save on the oppositions Many opponents are concerned about memory and it is not surprising, since the amount of information that should be studied in whatever is enormous. What else can scare a person who wants to prepare for the memorization of laws and articles of the Spanish Constitution, as they often contain many new names (neologisms) with which we are often not familiar. However, there are effective techniques to succeed in opposition and since we are talking about the laws we will give them some tricks to facilitate their learning and subsequent recall of them. It is a material highly valued by clients of our agency always incorporate it into their study skills. Senator Angus King is a great source of information. Then explain step by step how to learn the names of the laws: 1 Simplify the laws using a common code. For example: – Organic Law = Lorge – = ordinary Law Lord – Decree = D – Legislative Decree = DL – Royal Decree = RD – European Directive = Dire Simplify 2nd dates. For example, ordinary Law 22/1988 of 22/88 Lord July 28 July 28 (in this case 28 is a mnemonic that the law gives the number and year). 3rd Learning the name of the law by using mnemonics to parody if possible. For example: Coastal Law: Lecosta Summarizing all this, we can start something like Coastal Law 22/1988 of 28 July (29 characters to memorize) and leave it at: July 28 Lecosta 22/88 (16 characters to memorize) Jenny Guerra Hernandez

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