With long-term grain storage problems of measuring and monitoring its temperature comes to the fore. Because of the effect when the temperature rises above 35 C causes spoilage of grain, which leads to a multimillion losses. Our systems control the temperature in the grain silos on the basis of digital thermophilic type tcc solve this problem with the maximum convenience for the customer. Digital thermal and temperature control system in cereal silo-type tss entered in the register of measuring devices in Ukraine under the number U2300-06 and got permission to use the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Service of the Russian Federation. Thermometer system ‘TCC’ allows you to organize digital thermal into a single network for measuring the temperature of the grain silos in all granaries or silos. For this thermal suspensions are connected to special units collection of information, which form on the basis of the RS-485, currently acknowledged industry standard, a single network with a conclusion about the grain temperature and condition thermophilic to pc operator. Thanks to the easy to use software can be adjusted individually for each silo, you can quickly monitor the current temperature and rate of change of temperature of the grain. The main tss is an element of thermal suspensions (thermal suspensions), adjustable (s) in a silo elevator or granary. Through the use of digital temperature sensors DS18B20 firm maxim (Dallas Semiconductor) implement a unified digital two wire ties with all temperature sensors thermal suspensions, which can be up to 32 depending on the technological needs. To remove the measured values of the grain temperature, the system uses digital block display, equipped with lcd indicator that allows a convenient way to take readings of sensors thermoplastic. Display unit is connected to the checkpoints power or thermal suspensions through a standard connector. To connect the display unit to the thermal suspensions, which are removed from the evidence, two types of checkpoints: single channel – for one silo thermal suspensions and multi-channel – used in silos with several thermal suspensions.