To take care of the people who go requesting aid, without requesting nothing in return. The important thing is the intention, to always perseverar in the action. To defend justice, without revenge. To always cause La Paz. Other referring fragments to the Nagual exist, next, we exhibit a small selection of the book The Rule of the Nagual, of Carlos Chestnut grove. " The power that governs the destiny of all the living creatures calls: The Eagle, because it is not an eagle or it has nothing to do with an eagle, but for the visionary appears like immense a black eagle, standing up, as the eagles stop themselves, its height arriving at infinito." " The Eagle, that one power that governs the destinies of all the living creatures, is the reflection and at the same time vivientes.&quot contains all the beings; " In order to guide the creatures towards the window, the Eagle created Nagual.

The Nagual is a dual creature to whom " plan" it has been developing. Thus it is in the form of an animal, a plant, or any other living thing, the Nagual by virtue of its double existence is always destined to look for ventana." Other referring definitions and aspects to the Nahual we found in the personage of D. Juan Matus, described by Carlos Chestnut grove, in the book " You pass Magicos" , of where we exhibit an extract. " In certain opportunity, I interrogated to gift Juan about whom a long time ago he came worrying to me. He had affirmed that the wizards of old Mexico discovered you pass magicians, who constituted a species of hidden treasure in the depths of the time so that he could discover it to the man. He wanted to know who hid something thus so that the human being found it. The unique idea that could form to me on the matter came from the catholicism.