DO NOT FORGET THIS RULE IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT. Dress as you would at work The choice of clothing depends on whether you are going to apply for a job in a restaurant, bank, business, or factory. But when one applies for a job in a company it's best to wear a suit or jacket and tie, skirt and blazer or a simple dress. It is also advisable to carry a small portfolio to avoid being rummaging in our pockets or purse for ten minutes to find a fact, our curriculum or anything else. Even if you have email your resume ALWAYS GOOD TO BRING MORE COPIES Gunas.

Use gestures In a recent study, interview the person who usually decide whether applicant will or will not work in the first four minutes of the interview. So use gestures to create a good initial impression Act in a positive, cheerful and confident. Come in and shake hands warmly. Sit close to the person who will be interviewing. Avoid nervous habits such as nail biting or playing with your hair. Sit right and interest in what they are talking. Talk about looking into the eyes of his interlocutor. No unsafe Be polite, but not timid, nor stare, or stopped until the person feels first interview.

Nor speak in a whisper or be afraid to ask a question. Feel safe and pass. But not too jovial There is a fine line gap between being too correct and too familiar, humor and jokes may be the best way to lose an excellent opportunity to work.