The fact, that every minute of life that is given to us is uncertain, however, must be prepared for it, knowing leverage it intensely, not wasting our time, on the contrary, be attentive, awake in our actions, in our behavior, that much we know, as we are taking advantage of the opportunity that is us bequeathed, how much we have grown spiritually, we are also identified. Every minute we live intensely, because we don’t know if we’ll be tomorrow or perhaps in a few minutes we can happen something that not even we thought could occur, however, is can give and leave already belong to this plane. Therefore, it is important to nourish our spirit, let this is manifested with favorable actions in our growth, feel that what we do guarantee us, harmony, happiness, achievement towards our spirit that is the trascedcental. Specifically, we need to know to appreciate the opportunity that is given to us to act on this plane and perform actions that not only help us to be happy, to grow, but to collaborate with all those beings with whom in this transit we share roles and which can help them to grow, according to our behavior. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can perform today, nobody guarantees that you will be in that morning, so I passed the time that is given and pass to actions that help you grow. Buddhism reminds us that ida v and death occur in the cycle of samsara. And six conditions of existence are possible. Conditions divine, human and are considered demon good, while animal stocks, in the form of hellish creature and avid spirit are bad. Only the human condition, the best in the viewpoint of Buddhism, offers the possibility to move forward – or backward – with all knowledge of cause, being other so-called conditions retribution.I.e.