It seems strange, but this same phenomenon, (socio-cultural), also be manifest in people with low economic resources. I have experienced it the same way. People, believe more or equal than others, have much or little economic power. This psychological aspect of believing himself to be more than someone else, and what I could see, (by the ease with which I was and have, musically accompany different artists in the song) despite the redundancy in many artists in our midst; but the paradoxical appreciation, (if you want to say), is that the bigger is the artist, simple and humble shown. I have known musicians, an extraordinary professional level, and always displayed, humble and simple.

However I have known mediocre musicians, created as much. The singers nor that say it. At the national level; extraordinary singers, who are beautiful people, and mediocre singers who believe (the last desert Coca-Cola) what if impressed me a lot, (regarding this matter), was when accompanied with the musical framework of the penalty Charles and his Pena, an international singer, who came to our country, back in the 1980s. I am sincere in saying that I never had the opportunity to accompany international artists, musically as perhaps some colleagues have done it, but this experience that I lived to accompany one of them, was impressive and incredible. The artist in question, came to our country and when you stay in our capital, the same requested through the capital, and know Bohemian nights our Lima. To my luck, he came to stop at Charles and his sentence and being in that place, invited to sing a song, to which the I accept gladly. In the rest of the Orchestra, he came to the dressing room, and shared exchange of ideas with the musicians at a time; but that moment was enough to prove all his simplicity and humility; It seemed that I was speaking with a friend in my neighborhood, it was quite impressive.

The artist was nothing less than Dyango. This same behavior, then I was told some colleagues (that if had the opportunity to accompany international artists) manifests itself in Raphael. The simplicity and humility, (is known for all) makes larger people, who already are. It is reasonable to expect that certain artists, who are besieged by admirers, they may be seen as plenty, perhaps by harassment, can sin of this defect; but there is great meaning, which can control this situation always tread ground, and are given account that are people like any other.