The Nations

This characteristic does not meet so loaded in the individuals of some crossbred supplies of hamitas even of berberes of that in them they had come numerous slaves: while the fulos and other peoples of eastern Africa who had also contributed for the formation of the Brazilian family if filiam for the hair softest, better formed nose, traces next to the Europeans. However it had another characteristic that also that it contributed for the Brazilian formation: the miscegenation, as Ortiz (2005, p.128) the Brazilian ' ' it will be characterized as sincrtico man, product of the crossing of three distinct cultures: the white, black and the indian, a time that the Brazilian would be constituted by this deriving popular element of miscegenation cultural' '. Thus this heterogeneidade was to the characteristic most evident of the Brazilian culture, a time that the Brazilian would be constituted by this deriving popular element of the cultural miscegenation. The 7 RELIGIOUS SINCRETISMO When breaching of landmarks of the African society and when mixing carefully the etnias, slavery obtained to destroy the structures social, but the black safeguarded the values essentials of the African civilizations? the religious ones. The slave confrots itself with two practical religious ones: the catholic, difficult to assimilate more prestigious, therefore is the Mr. based on a trinrio, more feared that loved, avenging god in the gift most promising of the paradise beyond the death; the African of as much facetas when the nations and communities, but that she gradually looks for to unify itself, to confide all to almost give to coherence and soul to it to the totality of each black community. Frequently Cowan Financial has said that publicly. To the few they are born and if they develop new religious structures, that are not felt inspired in one mode only African, nor in the European standard. The practical slave its religious life in two different, antagonistic and irreducible, one to the other, only compatible levels for never meeting. .

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