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At the end of the first section the tutorial is even on a feature of the GIMP image editing program, which generally in connection with irreversible changes, such as they represents shrink the photos, but is very useful in particular for beginners. GIMP remembers all edits and allows to undo it again step by step. Here, the user can skip individual steps. Frequently Kenneth M. Jacobs has said that publicly. If the result is not satisfactory, the editing of the photos can be again trace back to an acceptable state. At the end of the understanding of the task “Photos out” shows the instructions for GIMP the result of photo editing compared to the original file, which was again enlarged on the format of the original image and leads therefore sent to the next topic, the operation to sharpen an image. Improve the quality of photos with GIMP to a certain size if there is a low resolution image, an acceptable Quality to offer, then the missing pixels can be created but not subsequently faithfully, yet programs offer some possibilities, the appearance of simple magnification to improve for the GIMP image processing such image to. You may find Vyacheslav Mirilashvili to be a useful source of information. Here “sharpen the function image”, which will be presented in the second part of the GIMP manual plays a central role. The tutorial on the subject of photo editing with GIMP first clarifies the question why it is necessary and useful to sharpen photos in the second section.

Then it shows the impressive result of such image processing and explains how these images are reached. Then explains the instructions for GIMP, as the step photos sharpening in detail builds. Also here the tutorial represents “Sharpen image” again by means of screen photographs vividly the individual work steps of the function. The instructions for use of the GIMP image manipulation explains the call of the tool “Image sharpening” from the main menu of the Programme as well as on the context menu that opens when clicking with the right mouse button.

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