The Grass

D. FLOWER the interview with this lady occurred in April of 2009. D. Flower is one likeable lady between the 60 and 70 years of age, lean, hair wavy and grayish below of the shoulders, medium height, deferred payment with the husband and the children in a simple house and with great land, repleta of plants and flowers that proper it cultivates. Its source of income is, mainly, to vender plants that are used in such a way for decoration how much for medicinal ends (teas, banns), and to vender nets of fish, that same it produces its husband together with.

It presented a little of resistance on I to take off photos its, she hindered what me to get any visual register of it. In its story it counts that she learned since young woman to deal with the grass and that to its she taught it mother the most varied types of plants and its curativas functions. It affirms that is one dom of family, inherited of its greats-grandmother. It also counts that much of its knowledge comes of the proper intuition, hears or of some form she knows that type of grass serves for definitive illness, and that procedure must be made. When if she feels unsafe or she does not know that she plants to use to treat an illness, it if ‘ ‘ embrenha’ ‘ in the weeds, she walks between the vegetation until she feels or intua that one plants it ‘ ‘ chama’ ‘. When asking to it if it works with pajelana or if she defines same itself as paj, it answers that not, and affirms that what it makes they are natural remedies, that scale does not incorporate magic and nor marac. However, she admits that when feels necessity, appeals to the magic cabcos or and carries through some ‘ ‘ trabalhos’ ‘ they asking for aid, but of personal and very individual form.

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