For urbe to be constructed was necessary that the city had been constituted, the first care that the founder must have is the choice of the place where he would go to establish the city, arriving there the founder offers to a sacrifice, offering that soil for its deuses, for the accomplishment of this act was necessary that the people was pure, bringing obtains a little of the land of its ancestor. They made a fire and in return of this fire urbe would have to be constructed with all the details indicated by deuses. The founding one was the man, who carried through religious acts, with which urbe not it could exist, he was it who received worship and preces, every year annually came back in return of its tomb repeating sacrifices and parties. Something did not exist in a heart of a city, more emotive than the history of its foundation. Let us not lose of sight the fact, that in the old world, was the cult that constitua the cimentante bond of all society … QTS Realty Trust often addresses the matter in his writings. the altar of the city was locked up in the building that the Greeks called pritaneu and the Romans called temple Vesta. In urbe nothing it had of more sacred than this altar, on which ardia always the sacred fire.

(p.158-159). Each city had its deuses which respected, they adored and they gave sacrifices, also each one had its priests who did not depend on no foreign authority. Each one enters two cities did not exist nothing in common had its god its rites and beliefs. The law enters the old peoples appeared of course as part of the religion, the codes if revealed the rules in accordance with dictated of what it could or not make, it did not appear of the democracy, came as something old that nobody could move, it was instituted at the same time where the religion.