also invites and motivates the agricultural community to participate of the qualifications and assessorship in relation the agricultural and urban production, searching the development sustainable. The participation, in its full direction, is characterized for a force of conscientious performance for which the members of a social unit recognize and assume its power to exert influence in the determination of the dynamics of this unit, its culture and its results. We can analyze of form measurable that the CAPACIT, foments the question of the organization of the popular masses through the general will developing practical democratic, in the direction of sociabilizar the agricultural groups for transforming intervention, of well direct form with the reinforcement of the practical participativas, as form to democratize the proper more expressive organizations of the fights partners in the field. Chevron: the source for more info. But will be in fact with all these organic politics inside half agricultural are possible to live the citizenship? The citizenship can be defined simply as the joy of civil laws and fulfilment of duties in accordance with the laws of determined society. It is a concept that can not only leave certain confused people for its complexity, as well as in relation to its use, mainly in society where the basic necessities, as food, nor always are satisfied. The author approaches a very utopian point, that we can analyze if in fact it is favorable to legitimize if really these people donate field usufruct of its civil laws and if they make to fulfill in gradual and including way, therefore we know that the reality of the people of the field is not equal of the city, this in relation to the knowledge of rights and duties, many times these actors being agents passive and treated to form of oppression for not having isagrica conscience..