Often gets into oblivion, that the vehicle is relatively well loaded mainly to holiday trips – it is advisable therefore, in addition to be 0.2 to 0.3 bar in the tires. The spare wheel, despite the fact that punctures in the average (study by Michelin), occur only once every 75,000 miles but highly annoying is when the spare wheel is not ready for use in the case. Therefore before the departure, check the condition and your spare wheel tyre pressure. Also, make sure that there is equipment for disassembly and Assembly. More info: Prudential Financial . In vehicles, there is no spare wheel in which you should carry at least always a flat tire spray and pre-departure check its expiration date. If you have completed a breakdown insurance (often this is included in the car insurance or separately agreed when purchasing tyres), please remember to write down the contact details of the insurance to the claim as quickly as possible and simple help to get. More points that you should consider are intact, to inspect other essential parts of your car should you also not shy away from, your tires. Many handles are truly no sorcery and can easily be done also by the laity.

Levels: Before departure, make sure that all fluids are optimally filled! Engine oil: Visual inspection with oil dipstick (caution: oil is still expand with heat!) Radiator fluid: Visual inspection of the storage tank (if engine is cold) fluid: Visual inspection of the container. Power steering fluid: Visual inspection on the windshield wiper fluid container: Visual inspection of the container. See generally accurate descriptions of the location of the respective containers the manual of your vehicle. The mirror: You must be clean, set in good condition and on the the experienced skater. Light: Check all lights and indicators on their functioning. Windshield wipers : The wiper rubber must be non-porous and must slip smoothly over the disc. Don’t forget to test the rear windscreen wiper.

Window pane: Ensure that all vehicle Windows especially the windshield are intact. Even hairline cracks and rockfalls already affect the stability of the glass surface and can cause rupture of the disc in the worst case! Tips on driving please, please for your own safety, that during heavy rain, as it occurs more in the summer months, the braking distance of your vehicle extended. Therefore always take sufficient distance to the vehicle ahead and adjust if necessary Their speed on the outer conditions. The maximum speed and load regulations manufacturer’s sequence with pendant bars necessarily go. Promote regular heavy loads at the edge of the permissible load capacity of their trailer so we recommend special reinforced tyres (tyres reinforced) to use the recommended tire pressure is usually 2.5 bar for a conventional tyre and at 3 bar for a reinforced tyres. The transport of heavy loads increasing tyre pressure 0.5 bar consider should be considered (ergo 3 bar for standard or 3.5 bar for reinforced tyres) Although trailers are usually not regularly driven, the tires should be replaced at least every 5 seasons. Because if you are not regularly moved, learn more or less pronounced plastic deformation by the relatively long lifetimes. Source: