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Many children aged preinicial and initial start has imitate their parents, as for example when parents handle a text upside down, when they are reading imitate the Act.Therefore the first step for parents is to raise awareness about the value of the habit of reading and, once achieved, try to serve as a model to their own children (daughters). (b) it is important that parents devote a portion of their time to share the moments of reading with their children. For example: that childhood is necessary to read them with the greater expressiveness and possible eloquence the child, listening to the reading of a book, to develop their imagination and creativity. We need to always keep in mind that reading, as well as a habit, is an intellectual activity cognoscitiva.c) is convenient to enable proper clearance for books in an orderly manner of any genre of reading at home. This brings a significant importance in which children will realize that each book has its own website at home. d) choose books according to the taste and the maturation of the child is another needs to take into account.

For example in preschool are advisable books coloring, to draw, etc.Subsequently, and as the pupil grows, are appropriate books containing fairy tales, Elves who awakened in them their sense of wonder and imagination in their adventures. Also the imagination mixed with humor as Fables, stories, myths, legends. Also take into account in adolescence, fantastic tales, science fiction, articles, magazines (different notebooks forming a book) and other topics have become the center of their readings always taking into account the context in which they live.Finally, and as a reflection, also expressed, as scientist in education, educational units must be equip libraries, equipped with books enough to meet the needs of all students.ENTERING?N: – All parents have always bear in mind that the basis of the learning of their children are reading. On the other hand, it is convenient for parents to control the information that can be accessed by their children, since not everything that found in the reading is intended for them. All parents should have in their small homes places of learning where they are interesting books for the reading of their children.

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