All this makes blogs somehow more authentic and more real, except for the advertising of payment that there could find. Read blogs about the use of products at first hand is like talking to people about their experience first hand. You definitely want to buy products that really give results. 3. Having a Blog no Cuesta Nada.

Since blogs are not listed yet as a means of important advertising on the Web, most sites see it as an additional tool for their advertising strategies, and therefore still offers free of charge. There are two important platforms for the construction of a blog, on the one hand is Blogger (Google it) and WordPress, particularly use the second, because it allows me to use my own domain. Actually as long as they are free, it will be beneficial for those who are just starting their business on the internet. 4. The Blog builds credibility.

As more and more people write their experiences about a product or any industry in particular, readers are given there are that they can rely on their comments or articles for their own information needs. As such, you become an expert on the topic, and as a result, more readers to visit your blog and the greater the benefits in what earning money refers to you. Since the companies and professional organizations observed the growth of its base of readers, these could be in contact with you for advertising on the pages of your blog. 5. The Blog builds your market. Unless you are a Hollywood star, it is likely that only his MOM read his articles. MOM has a lot of friends, so let your friends know how interesting it is your blog. But it is not necessary to rely on both breast to increase its base of readers. Here I give you some ways to grow its base of readers.