Technical Diagnostics

Condition monitoring equipment during the operation carried out by identifying: – vibration states of individual nodes and unit as a whole – the heating temperature of the bearing assemblies – the state of lubricating oils – the state seal – the characteristic noise, thud, indicating the presence of cavitation, surge, as well as possible Troubleshooting parts and equipment – performance, created pressure and other parameters characterizing the safe and efficient operation of equipment. General information on the operation, maintenance care, diagnosis and repair of centrifugal machinery should be made operational, maintenance personnel and specialists Technical Diagnostics (IPD) in the following documents and media information: – Removable magazine (shift report) – Journal of the identified defects – Datasheet (repair form, repair book) – in magazines vibroizmereny facilities or in a database of electronic information. These documents are primary and reflect the technical condition of existing equipment, based on entries in these documents define the terms and categories of repairs. Before performing the transition to a service technician for state should pick up and test equipment and methods of diagnosis, to perform an informed choice when purchasing and implementation of stationary and portable systems for monitoring and diagnosing a serious and thorough approach to the definition of groups and classes of equipment by type of service, to prepare and train staff. It is advisable to involve specialized organizations that perform work on the translation equipment enterprise service by state. After the examination, conditions and technical requirements for specific equipment tested by the methods of experts will develop the schemes of service, diagnosis and repair, prepare the required set of instruments, will pick up the required hardware and software that perform training..

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