Here are a few pumpkin soup recipes: 1 pumpkin and lentils soup until it the pumpkin prepares: it is divided, peeled, cored. Get the pumpkin flesh with a Spoon out, then it is cut, the garlic is finely chopped shallots finely diced. Now comes the chili pepper to the series, you halve them lengthwise and deseeded them. In the pot two EL. Let the oil type, heat it. The pumpkin meat, garlic and shallots Cook for a few minutes, you will add the lentils, Curry, chili. Then comes the water, 100 ml, salt and pepper. This boiling about twenty minutes now.

In time, we are preparing already the chicken. It is cut into cubes, which should be about 1 cm long, then prepares also the figs before they are cut into 2 cm cubes. Now take the Pan and it heats the oil, the figs and the chicken meat are added, they are fried, but over medium heat. Once all the ingredients are here: 30 g dried figs, 2 small Hokkaido each approx. 700 g, salt, pepper, 400 ml vegetable Fund, 50 g shallots, 60 g of red lentils, 1 clove of garlic, 100 g chicken breast fillet, 1/2 red chilli pepper, 1/2 tbsp sharp Curry powder, 4 Tablespoons olive oil 2 recipe pumpkin-Zucchini soup pumpkin and Zucchini cut into cubes. Then take a pan and vaporises to fry shallot and garlic in butter. Make clean the pumpkin and the zucchini and add type. It is all steamed briefly, then season with 1 Teaspoon Curry.

It should cook about 15 minutes. It is good if you have a mixer to the hand, because the whole is well mashed. Finally add cream, salt and pepper. You can still try another flavor, making just small meatballs that come in the soup in. Here are all ingredients: 200 g minced beef for the meatballs, 400 g of pumpkin meat, pepper, Curry, salt, butter, (it should be finely sliced), 1 shallot, 200 ml cream, 1 courgette, 1/2 L vegetable broth, 3. recipe of pumpkin and Leek cream soup Peel the potatoes 1 clove of garlic and cut into small cubes. Is there a little olive oil in a pot, then vaporises the potatoes. Cut the leeks into rings and place it along with the diced pumpkin flesh and vegetable broth in the same pot. It is then boiled twenty minutes over low heat. It is pureed and add the cream. Finally sprinkle with parsley. Here are all the ingredients: litre vegetable stock, 2 medium-sized potatoes, 1 stick leek, parsley, sake cups cream, 500 gr. Pumpkin meat. 4. recipe quick pumpkin soup because in this day and age more quickly to go to in everyday life, are often in stress and want to just what quickly prepared have so many about this recipe pleased. Cut the pumpkin in half, get the pumpkin flesh with a spoon out and cut into small cubes. Finely chop the onion with a knife, then saute in oil until translucent. In a pan, the pumpkin cubes, stock cube and also are added 500 ml milk. It will be, as long as cooked until the pumpkin cubes into a pulp. Get out the Blender, then mashed it still make it even finer. The remaining milk coming in there, and it is salted and peppered. Here are all the ingredients: 2 TBSP oil, about 1 kg of pumpkin meat, salt, pepper, 1 medium onion, nutmeg, 1.5 l milk, bouillon cubes, which are sufficient for 1 l of broth. Elvira Schick