Lotus WordPro

This item includes 5 extended operators: site: This statement allows you to limit search area specific domain. You can use the domains of the second and third level. The correct settings for specifying the query: site: site: site: com Wrong querying: site: site: site: google This feature is available in advanced search Google. Space after site: should not be. allintitle: This operator restricts the results to the given words, are found in page titles. That is, the query type allintitle: google search will show pages that are in their headers contain the words GOOGLE SEARCH and. This feature is also available from the advanced search Google.

intitle: A slight modification operator allintitle. If the query intitle: google search, the search engine will display the page in the title of which is the word GOOGLE and anywhere in the document, not necessarily in the title, the word SEARCH. Space after the intitle:: should not be. Request form: intitle: google intitle: search is equivalent to using the previous query operator – allintitle: google search. allinurl: Using this operator will limit your results to your search query to only those pages in which references meet the specified words.

That is, if the query allinurl: google search, you can get pages that GOOGLE and SEARCH will be contained in the link itself. Punctuation when using this operator is completely ignored. For example, the query type allinurl: google / search will perform the same steps as the previous one, since the slash is just ignored. This statement is also available in advanced search. inurl: Another extended operator Google from the whole set. A slight modification of the operator allinurl. By its use, similar to the previous operators and ligaments allintitle intitle. Request form: inurl: google inurl: search is similar to the request allinurl: google search. Shows the pages containing the words in the link. filetype: Find files with specified extension. List of files that Google supports officially: Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) Adobe PostScript (ps) Lotus 1-2-3 (wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku) Lotus WordPro (lwp) MacWrite ( mw) Microsoft Excel (xls) Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) Microsoft Word (doc) Microsoft Works (wks, wps, wdb) Microsoft Write (wri) Rich Text Format (rtf) Shockwave Flash (swf) Text (ans, txt) but can be freely available for searching the files of other formats. For example php or asp. Supported in advanced search. That's all the advanced operators in the search engine Google. Maybe someone will find them correct application. By and large, half of the operators available in advanced search (6 out of 12 there is a Advanced Features.)

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