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Which is its true goal? 2. It reads his goals every day When a goal writes, its mind identifies that the place where is not the place where wishes to be and its subconscious mind begins to work to look for forms that allow close a breach between their present reality and the vision of their goal. It writes his 3 I put main and reads them at least three times to the day and it will be surprised how it will begin to identify opportunities that had not seen before and they were within reach of his hand. This process will increase its creativity because its subconscious mind it works the 24 hours of the day. The frequency of this exercise, will activate its mind to look for the best solutions continuously and opportunities, in addition, will increase their motivation. At the difficult moments approach in the problem, better does not read its goals and tries to experiment what felt the first time that thought about that goal. One focuses in the solution, not in the great thing of the problem. 3.

– Its intention Writes, this is the principle most important to reach the wished result, to write which is the intention to reach its goal, it has the capacity to respond, why it wants to reach this goal. It thinks about other goals that have reached previously, certainly was right I take that very hard it to make great sacrifices until achieving the objective. When the intention is sufficiently strong, it will find the form to reach his goal. It will impel it to the intention when one feels discouraged. All the goals that have left previously were because it did not have an intention sufficiently hard. At the beginning why it is more important that how. These three principles seem very simple, knows it to the majority, but they do not use them. Pngalos in practice as of today and will realize that after a time, in spite of problems and obstacles, will arrive at the place that wishes. Ramon Salop original Author and source of the article.

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