Thanks to Marketing, Tu, as personal brand, you can find and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market. For me the opportunity occurs when I (personal branding) can satisfy a need that has a group of customers and which is currently unmet. In the event you’re Manager, Executive or middle management, the opportunity is when you can satisfy a need to cover your employees. If you’re political when you can satisfy a need of your voters. If you are an economist, lawyer, architect or Ingenierocuando can satisfy a need of your customers, and if you’re unemployed and looking for a job, the opportunity is when satisfy the need of companies for which you want to work. People want things, need things, opportunities abound, but I I how leverage these opportunities? Philip Kotlerya spoke of the 3 main sources of opportunities that exist in the market. As personal branding, you can offer something new, you can offer something existing but in a new way or higher either you can offer something scarce.

Perfect, but now you’ll be thinking and how do I do this? Well, here I leave some tips for you consider and work them in depth. Focus on search for ideas and innovate (which customers send you to their ideas and proposals and try to reward them). Focus on finding new customers, new users, new market segments (investigates and hears) and focus on search for new features to the services you offer. Remember that where there is a need, there is always a chance. Investigating the market, investigates the customers. Check if you have a problem and looking for how to fix it. Check if they have any desire and seeks how to satisfy it. Do not hesitate, create your own personal brand and leverages those opportunities offered by the market with the help of all the Tools Marketing puts at your disposal.

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