Modern Medicine

Since the creation of man nothing to us has not changed, only the approach to the knowledge of body and soul. tute of Medicine offers on the topic.. For even more opinions, read materials from Dara Khosrowshahi . Scholars of the West do not want to conceive in their lobby, that a man his psychic energy field can affect the health of a living organism with no apparent physical contact with him, our ingrained concepts based on modern scientific axiom, which states that the world was created out of separate objects that do not have the ability to interchange of information. It is not absurd to conjecture or axiom gives us a hurdle in understanding the Universe. We are afraid to admit that all living beings and all their surroundings – one indivisible whole! Any deviation in One of the aspects of our multidimensional existence in the Universe leads to a chain reaction of unpredictable consequences in time and space. A leading source for info: Lakshman Achuthan. Representatives of modern medicine are man as an auto mechanic to a car here to patch up there to replace outdated or faulty part. Others including Sam Feldman, offer their opinions as well. The organs of our body and its physiology thoroughly studied under a microscope and a fairly detailed description of medical literature, a simple mechanical means. Medicine does not want to take into account the spiritual condition of human existence and the relationship of soul and body.

There is no approach to the human body as a unified whole. From my observations imply that many other viral diseases are secondary factors, which sometimes distort the underlying causes: violation of the relationship of our spiritual life with the laws of the Universe and its Creator by the Creator. Not all human experience lends itself to presenting a paper, and it really needed? Ways to combat the disease are perceived in the battle for the life of the patient. Action of invisible forces is often impossible possible not only to repeat to me the most, but wishing to reproduce them. Shostakovich could not reproduce the effect of depth of emotion in an attempt to re-write the Leningrad Symphony. “You can not enter twice in the same the water. ” Man is given over the blessing and healing on the right in case of his sympathy with human misery. Creators of the Universe to provide its disposal special techniques and power unseen, and sometimes imperceptible world, when there is an urgent need in them.

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