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"Sha" Traditional value: w (?). For more specific information, check out Royal Dutch Cell Plc. Manifestation of the person in the chain of past-present-future, experience the spiritual and material. Evolution of incarnations – 2 step in the evolution of the Soul. "Chi" Traditional value: integrity, integrity. Previous incarnation – "springboard" for the present, now – […]

At a certain stage in its history, people, learning to recognize the reality, given the opportunity to act "reasonably" in accordance with his understanding of the world. Allocated from the unconscious nature of it, regardless of her interests, her boundless pride, forgetting that he is part of nature, haughty itself in opposition to it, "playing […]


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Most recently happened to me a funny story. I spent a mini-training with one of his business partners on the topic of visualization and realization of dreams. But, as you know, in order to visualize the dream to her as at least to have. Visit relocation strategies for more clarity on the issue. And now […]

The power of words you can read on the page. What do you think about how you say. So just need to think about what you want to have in your life, not about what you do not want. What does it mean? If you think of myself as a loser, what would you do, […]

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