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There are few as Roman neighborhoods like Trastevere, will be by its atmosphere, its people, or by the charm of walk its narrow streets that a visit to Rome you can not miss a visit to this charming neighborhood. The name of the neighborhood of Trastevere comes from the expression after the Tiber, because it […]


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The theme of forgiveness has always been controversial for some people (I would say rather to almost everyone). I want to make a kind of effective reflection on this matter. Always we have been told over and over again, that we must forgive, we must forget and forgive; (is not that I think that this […]

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Often, we do not have luck with the use, or because it is made request, or because it is constant source of suffering. Of anyone of the two ways, it is possible by means of the tarot free of Tarot Friend, to count on a tool that can help us to surpass these bad critical […]

Before 1991 the country whose territory was the largest the world had the name “The USSR.” That is what named the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or Soviet Union, the second title was used because it was shorter. Then in 1917, was overthrown the tsarist regime and the socialist state was established. As the population […]

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