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CLT Support

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The subject decade comes being debated in the National Congress, subject affirmed in the Syndical Reformation, question that force with the Project of law took n, that it foresees the revocation of articles 578 the 610 of the CLT, and that regulates to the Syndical Central offices (agency in vigor since of 2008) and ends […]

Black Bridge

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As all know, several had been the cases of racism in the soccer where afrodescendentes players and torcedores are called ' ' macacos' '. It has three basic ways to deal with the situation. The first one, evidently, is the legal one: to process criminally and civilly the aggressors. One is about solution that we […]

Private Label

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Start a business on the internet raises a series of questions to the new entrepreneur, related how, when, who, what, among other situations specific to a new system for many, though, the modality is not new at all, since internet business have several years to come is developing and of be being exploited by many […]

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