VDA And Mobile In Germany E.V.

Fascination is car unabated the ILO fully respond to their names of the most important, most beautiful and largest auto show in the world became 2011. VDA President Matthias Wissmann moved today on Friday already 3 days before the end of the fair, which lasts until September 25 a preliminary and very positive balance sheet. Other leaders such as Nouriel Roubini offer similar insights. He has every reason for the fascination of the car is continuing apace. Compared to 2009, there were more visitors, more exhibitors and more world premieres. It more than 900,000 visitors will be counted which corresponds to an increase of around 10%. In particular, many young people were at the IAA.

The number of students and schools has grown in most. The average age is 35 years, one year less than 2009. This especially at weekends resulted in queues at the stalls, but the visitors themselves that gladly accept. Despite the wait, the mood is very good. The trend clearly goes to: efficient, ecological and cheaper. Lightweight construction and new materials are available for many manufacturers heavily in the foreground.

Also the Electric mobility enjoyed almost a revitalization at the fair with many trends and innovations. The signal that 2011 is based on the ILO is that it is a great car year. We expect in the automotive industry not recession”, as VDA President Matthias Wissmann clear. But we are very interested in a stabilization of the financial sector. Finance must again become the servant of the real economy. Because, the real economy is stable in Germany and it will run better in every country that relies on real economy. “Mobile in Germany e.V. Chief Dr. Michael HABERLAND reports positive outcome of the trade fair: we are pleased, to be always so welcome here and are very happy that we can bring a young and cheap Automobile Club as many young people with our great offer.” Competition is the best for the customer, this is true in the auto industry as well as for automotive clubs. We want the people of this beautiful country of automobile to be mobile in Germany. The IAA 2013 is determined and We will be there. “

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