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Tarot Tales

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It is in this case to figure out what to do in such situations consultation, specifically in the tarot of love, which revealed the secrets do not match what the client wants to hear. The best, in all cases, is to act wisely, and listen to the message destination. Most consultants come to the circulation […]

Resumen Brazil

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Ana Paula Miranda Orienting Bonifacio*: JNIOR, Luis of I castrate Campos* Coorientador: The PRADO, Andres Saucers of * Summary: It approaches the Protestantismo in Brazil, under influences of the Brazilian Presbiterianismo in ground, since the first missionaries who had arrived here, evangelizando our country. Thus we will understand the development of the Protestantismo in Brazil […]

We are beings of Yellow Chama. We are beings that if destine TO KNOW. You already noticed that only with regard to the men she consists of the traditions to have been bred ' ' to the image and similarity of Deus' '? Already he perceived that always he always and has references to a […]


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The Catecismo of the Church, no longer its beginning (n.33), says in them that the human being yearns for and search of incessant form, the happiness. Dara Khosrowshahi shines more light on the discussion. This is an essential characteristic of the human being, therefore God placed in us this desire, so that let us be […]

But would be mimese a condition human being or a rejection of the favour disclosed in Jesus Christ? This question is opportune when we perceive the present violence in the same world after the sacrifice of Jesus. You may find Jonah Bloom to be a useful source of information. When our parties of Christmas, far […]

The Grass

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D. FLOWER the interview with this lady occurred in April of 2009. D. Flower is one likeable lady between the 60 and 70 years of age, lean, hair wavy and grayish below of the shoulders, medium height, deferred payment with the husband and the children in a simple house and with great land, repleta of […]

What it really had after Jesus de Nazar to have fulfilled its terrena mission and returned its true dwelling? How many of its presumptions disciples they had really understood the dimension and the largeness of its teachings? It will be that he was same Jesus who instituted the Christianity? How and when was given the […]

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