New economic openings, alliances, treaties that are giving and that has serious implications in economic, political, social, the new role of the worker to the reality of the requirements that the performance of the present demands, what the new law Organic work by approving notes in relation to the incidence of the information worker rights, concerning computing, where the efficiency of the business will be completely determined by the skill that its executives may arise in the handling of information pollution and its impact the participation of enterprises in the State programs do that administrator is demand? Requires the management professionals: visionaries, creative, enterprising, innovative, strategists competent, prepared with new knowledge of modern and managerial administrative topics. Know used properly the administrative tools according to the characteristics of the national stage. Stay updated as regards modern administrative knowledge, how to know properly handle changes. To know more about this subject visit KBS. Know fully handle the scope, impact and ACE functional areas of the company in order to facilitate the understanding of these areas and permanent updating in These fields know administrative count on a solid general training that allows you to interpret, understand and anticipate the changes that occur in society and to facilitate the necessary version of set in the modern enterprise. Having a solid humanistic education, through which you can implement an efficient process of leadership in the company. Fully identified with their professional growth, know motivate, persuade and properly handle everything related to empowerment, ontological coaching, properly handle the human interrelationships and optimize results with integrated teams of its human resource build organizations that are not only more productive and efficient, but smart organizations; learning and renewal that will make possible the integral development of society. Know motivate your staff to use their potential to responsibly create the results you want, where cultivated new ways of thinking; thought side or emotional, where collective aspiration is in liberty and where people continually learn how to learn together.

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